Based in Northern Ireland, Nendrum String Quartet has performed all over the U.K. and Ireland, most recently in London and North Wales where they participate in various workshops and festival events.


Nendrum String Quartet specialise in weddings where they have an extensive repertoire spanning across all styles of music from Classical to Contemporary, from Jazz to Rock and Pop.


Alongside weddings and corporate events (such as Belfast City Hall awards reception for Chartered Institute of Housing) the String Quartet enjoys collaborating with other musicians and art mediums.  


The Quartet’s performance in event Tall Tales of Brazil in Belfast Crescent Arts Centre where they fused their ideas with poetry and spoken word was deemed as:


“Versatile, charming as well as visually and audibly refreshing!” 



Gnanam Samuel 

- First Violin

Gnanam is a dynamic and versatile multi-instrumentalist who first studied classical music at Leeds College of Music before going on to complete her BA Honours Degree in Jazz Music Performance & Composition at Middlesex University, London.  

She continues to teach, perform, arrange and compose within educational, artistic and performance settings.

Gnanam also plays violin in World Music ensemble, KWATSU and also is the guitarist and vocalist in Brazilian Jazz Quartet CACAO.   

Dr. Tom Woolley 

- Second  Violin

Tom grew up in Manchester and has been playing the violin since he was 10 years old

He was inspired by his father who was an accomplished player who was awarded a scholarship with Albert Sammons, the leading UK violinist of the time in the 1930s

Tom has played in several amateur orchestras and also played string quartets for many years with his father. He currently plays with the Studio Symphony Orchestra.


Aine Miller  - Cellist

Aine is an established and much loved teacher of cello and piano in the Bangor area.  

Aine has performed in many diverse groups;  Erne Valley Ensemble, Lakeland String Trio and Rock Band 'Corrigan' to name a few.  

On her cello she continues to record and collaborate with a broad range of artists.

Along with regularly leading worship in her church (Redburn Community Church), Aine currently plays with the Studio Symphony Orchestra.


Chris Lewerentz - Viola


Originally from Germany Chris is an accomplished viola player who spends a great deal of her time devoted to youth work.

Chris is also a member of the Studio Symphony Orchestra.