Deciding what is right for you on your Wedding day can be challenging.  On the one hand you want to respect your guests, ensuring that they can relate to what they see and hear.  On the other hand it is your moment to express yourself to your loved ones and more importantly to each other in your own unique way.


Music that has been traditionally played during wedding services through the ages holds a deep and spiritual resonance for many. Others may prefer an alternative approach, perhaps choosing to set the scene with more contemporary or modern styles.


Providing you with your own personal soundtrack for the day delights us whether it's Mendelssohn's Wedding March, Mozart's Romanze or Debussy's Clare de Lune, Will Pharrell's Happy or Every Breath You Take by the Police, Skyfall, Moondance, Muse, Led Zeppelin or all of the above!  


Why choose live musicians?


Live music not only brings sound and movement but adds a particular visual quality to the experience - whether that image is subtle or colourful is up to you as we will wear formal (all black) or simply sharp (black with a dash of ensemble coordinated colour) attyre.


N.S.Q. pride ourselves on being sensitive and cool headed where it counts.  On the rare occasion where unforseen events occur (flat tire / key people getting lost / ring left at the barbers - real incidents!), we adapt to each situation by lengthening, shortening or improvising material - whatever it takes to give you, your family and friends a calm, positive experience.


We will thread the transition between each phase of your day seamlessly and professionally.


Little Ones


Children are often intrigued by what they see, often coming close to study the scene.  We have within our repertoire music that they may recognise such as Harry Potter, Frozen, Lord of the Rings and more! 


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Classical Repertoire

Folk / World Repertoire

Alternative Repertoire


* Music to accompany hymns during the ceremony costs £40 only

 *Arrangements / requests for music outside our current repertoire cost £40 each